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[yinyang] ecoglobe:     Democracy, choice, ethics & genetic engineering
Good governance, democracy and consumer choice. [further issues]
Basic concepts Democracy (a) a system of government by the whole population, usually through elected representatives (b) a nation so governed (c) any organisation governed on democratic principles [ref: dc1]
Governance the act or manner of governing [ref: dc1]
Democratic Choice "Where's the democracy in this, when a tiny subset of society imposes the GE technology upon everyone else and the common environment? Government authorities, scientists, and industry lobby groups appear to be working hand in hand to push genetic engineering application without public consent." (a citizen)
Choice and diversity GE-Biotechnology
A technology does not arrive as an act of God or a manifestation of nature; it is produced by purposeful human actions and decisions (like where to direct research moneys). Biotech does not exist (and would not exist) apart from the corporate monopolies. It is a technology prdicated on an ideology of control and power. it is a liberal pipedream, in my view, to believe that somehow we can have a decentralized, community based genetic engineering--mainly because for that (anarchist) revolution to have occurred would mean that people would want to live more in harmony with nature not in mastery. In other words, it's all a question of values. genetic engineering embodies values which are not my values. I celebrate diversity, not uniformity and monoculture (either of plants of human communities). [Phil Bereano, email 18AUG99]
Human genes in animals Transgenic Sheep
Question: How was 10,000 sheep regarded as a TRIAL only? ERMA says they are not approving commercial releases, but it seems this is exactly what PPL are now saying that they are doing?
[ecoNews item: "Transgenic sheep demand right to vote"]
Transgenic and engineered animals "Someone phoned me a few weeks ago. He'd seen the transgenic sheep at Mangakino and he said "I've been a farmer all my life. And those animals don't look like sheep. Even my young daughter could see that."
I haven't seen them myself. But I would like to ask the question, where is it all going to end? If we are going to mix species, including human beings, just because it's technically possible, or because there seems to be a profit to it, where is it going to end? Are we going to fill the NZ countryside with monsters?
I saw a picture recently of the result of GE research in Japan. It was a chicken with a third leg growing from the end of its wing. Now it might be convenient for the chicken meat industry to produce a chook with any half a dozen drumsticks, but where is it going to end?"
Clive, 23 March 1999.
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