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organic 2000   [picture: organic producer]   New Zealand fully organic by ???
Competitive advantages for agriculture, health benefits and sustainability advantages of organic agriculture. Organic agriculture is sustainable and in high demand. New Zealand has the unique chance of becoming the World's supplier of safe and clean agricultural products and foods. In an increasingly toxified world New Zealand's clean and green produce will lead the way and capture world markets.
OPEG - Organic Products Exporters Group NZ
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Organic Pathways NZ organic 
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an on-line guide to Organics in Aotearoa New Zealand

IFOAM - International Federation of Organic Agricultural Movementslogo international federation of organic movements 2K

New Zealand organic Farming and Horticulture:

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"I have sinned against the wisdom of the creator and, justly, I have been punished. I wanted to improve his work because, in my blindness, I believed that a link in the astonishing chain of laws that govern and constantly renew life on the surface of the Earth had been forgotten. It seemed to me that weak and insignificant man had to redress this oversigt."
(Justus von Liebig, inventor of chemical agriculture, when looking back on his life and work. From: Agrikulturchemie, 8th edition, 1865).

Organic farming is sustainable and healthy.

Bio-gro New Zealand
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Soil & Health Association of New Zealand Incorporated
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The Soil Association UK
Organic, sustainable agriculture & certification
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NZ organic 2000 [picture: organic food] for a sustainable future!
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