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Gene Food Public Forum and Debate Wellington 25 April 1999
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Genetic engineering biotechnology is hotly debated. The arguments pro and contra are often a mixture of socio-economic and technological issues. We have tried to disentangle the issues and we have started to produce a list of concise arguments for easy reference.
The issues, tentatively collected in the following sections, have been edited with scientific prudence. Everybody is invited to add and refine individual points. Kindly
let us know your arguments, opinion or critique, and we will edit the pages accordingly. Our pages are under construction. Your input will be valuable!
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Summary of Arguments:
A shortlist of genetic engineering facts and promises
Technological issues:
GE - what is it? - The basics of genetic engineering
Biosafety - What are the risks of GE to animals, plants and other organisms?
Food safety - Are foods that contain GE plant or animal matter safe to eat?
Organics - Organic (traditional) compared with industrial agriculture
Murphy's Law and more - About risk, danger, and hazards
Socio-economic issues:
Democracy, choice, ethics & morality - Good governance, democracy and consumer choice. What are ethical and moral implications of mixing genes of different species, including human with animal?
GE and better health - Will genetic engineering cure or prevent illnesses?
Will GE feed the world? - Will genetic engineering provide food for the future?
Trade issues - What are the implications of labelling and regulations for the trading of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) ?
GE, 'progress' and environmental sustainability - "Genetic engineering is progress" - Does it enhance the human condition? Does it enhance sustainability?
GE CHANCES - Genetic engineering offers advantages and should be given a chance.
GE FREEZE - A popular movement for a moratorium on genetic engineering.
NZ organic 2000 - Organic agriculture and foods.
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  • Kindly let us know your arguments, opinion or critique.
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