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What is the potential of genetic engineering for health. [further issues]
Pharmaceuticals and Antibiotic resistance Pharmaceuticals and health care - The potential and risks of genetically engineered drugs.
Birth defects Genetic engineering researchers claim that their research will possibly lead to the curing and the prevention of genetic illnesses and defects. One example of such a claim was recently (March 1999) put forward by genetic engineers in Boston, United States of America. The news appeared on New Zealand TV. It is claimed that research that produces chicken with four legs carries the promise of future preventing and curing genetic birth defects. However, it is our understanding that the promise of possible future health benefits is wrought with scientific doubts as well as serious socio-economic and ethical questions. For this reason we are inclined to believe that this is one example of biased argumentation with fund-raising for the research institute as the main goal.
We think that "better human health" is merely a justification for highly questionable research practices that, if ever successful, can only benefit one or a dozen select people who can afford it.
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