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about ecoglobe Vision of a sustainable society:
is about a scale of human activity that can be sustained by the Earth for a very long time.
ecoglobe means organising our lives in such a way that we leave sufficient natural resources and a liveable planet to our children.
ecoglobe's web site deals with human ecology, the balances between our activities and the environmental impacts.
ecoglobe works with factual information and is politically neutral.
Under the condition of political neutrality we host web pages for
G-E CHANCES, G-E FREEZE and NZ organic 2000.
ecoStory A collection of eco-logic sketches. Send us your environmental vision!
ecoglobe Wellington (project) A revolving globe with a diameter of 20 meters; access by circular stairs to 500 square meters of exhibition space on three levels inside; highly interactive displays with powerful eco-logic experiences for visitors of all ages.
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A growing collection of essential economic and environmental data, addresses with internet links, and sustainability projects.
Genetic Engineering in clear language Genetic engineering is an emotional issue. Frequently the arguments are a mixture of technological and socio-economic opinion and facts. The use of inappropriate terminology helps create a muddle of facts and fiction.
Our pages make a careful scientific distinction between technological and socio-economic arguments, providing a concise list in clear language.
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Genetic Engineering should be given a chance
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Responsible science and the precautionary principle demand:
- an immediate moratorium on Genetic Engineering (G-E), Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) and Living Modified Organisms (LMOs). A world-wide G-E FREEZE must be achieved in 1999.
NZ organic 2000
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In a toxified and depleted world we have no chance to survive.
Organic agriculture, however, is sustainable and organically grown food is in high and increasing demand.

New Zealand has the unique chance to become the World's supplier of safe and clean agricultural products and foods.
In an increasingly toxified world New Zealand's clean and green produce and foods will lead the way and capture world markets.
Clean and green agriculture makes sense and money.
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