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ecoglobe [yinyang] news (2 April 1999)

We received the following "Press message" that was obviously meant as an April Fools Day article. The issue raised, however, is of high ethical importance and we therefore decided to publish it as an ecoNews item. The research is real, as is the picture.

"Chicken with four drumsticks"
"From our special reporter"

"Research institutes in the United States of America and Japan have now proudly announced their latest break-through. They can manipulate the genes of chooks so that the wings turn into legs.

[chicken embryo]
This scientific achievement offers great potential for the ailing food industry. Battery hen farmers are expected to increase profits by 43 per cent. Consumers will benefit from lower prices and a greater choice. Hamburger restaurants and take-aways will to offer upper and lower drumsticks.
Authorities of an unnamed African country are expected to okay the field trials of "Chooks4Drumsticks". It is expected that progressive OECD countries will want to buy the production licence for this exciting new "Chooks4Drumsticks" technology. First industrial production could start in New Zealand in 2002."
[End of April Fools Day message on Chooks4Drumsticks]
Views expressed are not necessarily those of ecoglobe.
See: Genetic engineering and human health

ecoglobe [yinyang] news (2 April 1999)
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