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ecoglobe [yinyang] news (1 April 1999)

From our special reporter,
Hamilton, New Zealand, April 1, 2000.


Sheep today were demanding fairer treatment.
"There's only one TV between 10,000 of us. Some of us would like to watch 'Days of Our Lives'," said Harold TG0000053NZ McKenzie, spokessheep for the flock.
"We demand the right to a more meaningful existence and recognition under the law. If I see another blade of grass, I'll scream," he said.
I put some music on this morning,
    "A Farewell to Kings", by RUSH.
It said:

    "When they turn the pages of history
    And these days have passed long ago
    Will they read about with sadness
    Of the seeds that we have grown

    We turned our gaze from the castles in the distance
    Eyes cast down on the path of least resistance...".

Have a great day all...


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ecoglobe [yinyang] news (1 April 1999)
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