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  How it started People like you and me found that we must do something. They sat together and formed a society, politically neutral: umverkehR.
In 15 months members and volunteers collected 126,534 signatures of Swiss citizens. Of the collected signatures 87 % were valid (checked by authorities, the minimum for a confederate people's inititive is 1000,000. Swizerland has a population of 7 million.). Therefore, on 21 March 1996 New Mobility - umverkehR were able to submit 110,174 certified signatures to the Swiss authorities in Bern. Now, after four years, this People's Initiative is "ripe" for putting it to the vote. The authorities have decided that the referendum will take place on 12 March 2000.


Turning it into practice: An initiative that is accepted at a simple 51 % majority of the voters becomes Swiss Federal law. The authorities are then bound to take executive measures accordingly.
New Mobility - umverkehR have a series of proposals on the type of measures that will make it work, benefiting both our environment and economy.
Some of the proposed New Mobility measures are:
- ...
- ...
- ...
- ...
- ...

Order your promotional material on-line at the Swiss umverkehR website
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You can also make a donation at umverkehR's Swiss Postal Cheque No. 80-67097-2, or mail your bank draft to umverkehR Secretariat, Elisabethenstrasse 16, Postfach, CH-8036 Zürich, Switzerland.
Tel.: +41 1 2427276 Fax: +41 1 2427240 Email: Web site:


Swiss Federal Citizens' Initiative to reduce the motorised road traffic by half in order to conserve and improve our living space (Traffic-Halving Initiative)
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