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    Geneva's Leading:

    Pour un Genève où il fait bien respirer
    For a Geneva where breathing is good.
    Geneva's Breathing


    World Health Organisation:
    Tobacco Free Initiative
    Framework Convention on Tobacco Control
    Open-ended Intergovernmental Working Group (IGWG) Document Center
  • Many smokers wish they had never started.

    Most people, smokers and smoke-free people alike, prefer clean air if they are given the choice.

    Laws and legislation

    • provide the democratic framework for smoking prevention and for the protection of people against environmental tobacco smoke.
    • help smokers to break their addiction by restricting the times and the localities at which they may smoke.
    • provide the legal framework for citizens and authorities in their efforts to achieve smoke-free environments.
    However, legislation are as effective as the willingness of people and authorities to apply the rules.

    Sometimes, legislation is available but one does not know or one is hesitant to ask for enforcement. Switzerland, is a case in point. Existing laws and regulations provide already a considerable level of protection agains tobacco smoke in many settings, as one can see at the Switzerland pages. Enforcement is frequently lacking, however.

    The legal situation differs considerably from place to place, as does the attitude of people.

    In Singapore one can be fined if one drops a cigarette butt on the street.
    In California smoking is sometimes forbidden within 10 meters (30 feet) from the entrances of government buildings. Within a few years the Californians have managed to make smoking a socially undesirable behaviour in the eyes of virtually everybody. In other countries the popularity of smoking is increasing because of the aggressive propaganda of the death merchants. They are still spreading the same old lie, that smoking is macho and sexy: you are grown-up and unbeatable if you smoke.

    Geneva is still a smokers' paradise. Smoking is tolerated and practiced almost everywhere. There is a directive against smoking in government offices and office buildings. Officially the University is smokefree. But in practice tobacco smoke is tolerated at many places in the buildings. Geneve, a city being so prout of its humanitarian tradition and seat of the World Health Organisation, should set the pace and become an example. Geneva owes it to its standing to take a lead in the struggle for smoke-free environments. Therefore the "enjoy the difference" campaign is being devised. Geneva is going to become THE leading smoke-free city of the world. Given the fact that this city is hosting the WHO's Tobacco-Free Initiative, Geneva can't do less. It owes it to its reputation.

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