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kia ora - welcome to ecoglobe Wellington
  About ecoglobe
* vision of a sustainable society
* innovative environmental info
* ecoglobe principles
* major trends and facts
An introduction.
 Wellington's ecoglobe
* a twenty meter diameter globe
* interactive exhibits inside
* planned opening early 2000
* a major new tourist attraction

New Zealand's Capital
Parliament & Government

Slide ecoglobe in New Zealand - slide show show
Project Overview

Lambton Harbour
Planned location for the Wellington ecoglobe.
   ecoglobe is an initiative of
  ecology discovery
  foundation new zealand

* edfnz profile & project team
* ecoglobe Annual Overview
* financial statements & budget

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   Aotearoa - New Zealand
Creating an ecoglobe means a lot of work. This page needs suitable gif images and descriptive texts in various sectors. Suggestions and contributions are welcome.
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