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about ecoglobe
the ecoglobe vision:
  • to inform about the local and global ecology, i.e. the balances between human activity and nature
  • to provide realistic information, accessible for all
  • to translate environmental science into clear language, images and interactive models
  • to explore a wise and sustainable relationship between the environment and the economy
  • to safeguard a beautiful and healthy world with sufficient space and resources for all beings
  • ecoglobe informs about 'sustainability' and ecology.
    Ecology is the knowledge of the balances of life in relation to the environment. Ecology is about the relationship between between what living beings do and the results of their activities, the balances between human society and nature.
    [image=logo] 'Sustainability' is the buzz-word of our time. In simple terms 'sustainability' means that we can continue doing what we do for a long time. But the environmental problems which we encounter, such as pollution, ozone hole, climate change, soil erosion, overfishing, etc., show that there's something wrong with what we are doing.
    'Sustainability' means organising our lives in such a way that it can go on for a long time, in the next century and beyond. Presently our ways of living are clearly not sustainable.
    ecoglobe is a vision of a sustainable society and a platform for eco-logic information.
    ecoglobe is politically absolutely neutral, since - at the end of the day - nature makes no distinction. Politics deal with social issues. We see it as our task to provide neutral and realistic information about the environment. People can then make informed choices.
    We are all concerned, and the environmental trends are increasingly worrying. Factual evidence is abundant, but just not readily accessible, neither to the general public, nor the opinion leaders.
    The ecoglobe web pages and information service(s) provide info that is based on the highest standard of factual ecological and economic knowledge, prepared in cooperation with renowned and absolutely independent scientists.
    fuzzy images?
    ecoglobe information centers will display environmental worries and questions and translate these into visions of real solutions. The ecoglobe will be equipped with state-of-the-art public information facilities. All interactive computer, video and internet terminals will be absolutely user-friendly, suitable for all visitors.
    The displays in the ecoglobe will be highly interactive, really hands-on learning. Visitors of all ages will find a new understanding of ecological matters. ecoglobe translates environmental science into clear language, images and interactive models.
    ecoglobe is an initiative of ecology discovery foundation new zealand (charitable trust), founded 1997 in Wellington/New Zealand, with the object of establishing "ecology awareness and education centres in major rural and urban centres in New Zealand". The ecoglobe Wellington is our first project.
    Copyright 1999 ecology discovery foundation new zealand (charitable trust), P.O. Box 24184, Wellington, New Zealand.
    E-mail: w e l c o m e   a t   e c o g l o b e . o r g (eliminate the spaces between letters) © ecoglobe is a registered trade mark.
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