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ecoglobe [yinyang] news (3 April 1999)

Smoking cigars as dangerous as cigarettes

Cigars could be just as dangerous as cigarettes, NZ Associate Health Minister Tuariki Delamere said. He announced actions against certain ways of cigar promotions that could breach the New Zealand Smokefree Environment Act.
"People don't seem to realise that the ban on advertising tobacco relates to cigars just as much as cigarettes," Mr Delamere said. Smoking cigars could cause oral, laryngeal and lung cancers, he said.

ecoglobe finds the promotion of tobacco socially irresponsible and morally despicable. If we walk along Wellington's upbeat shopping malls and see all those kids smoking, it breaks our heart. Smoking is still cool, it appears. Little do our kids realise that they are the innocent victims of false and subliminal propaganda. Can we blame our children who unwittingly copy their elders? Why do people with great "mana" publicly light up a cigar in front of many camera lenses? Why do newspaper editors choose that particular photo king-size to illustrate their article? Does smoking really means success and wealth? Medical practitioners know better: smoking kills. Full stop.

Views expressed are not necessarily those of ecoglobe.

ecoglobe [yinyang] news (3 April 1999)
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