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ecoglobe [yinyang] news (17 September 1999)

Royal Canin Dog Food Goes GE-Free


    PARIS, 16 September 1999 -- Europe's leading dry dog food producer, Royal Canin, was cited as vowing Wednesday not to include genetically modified ingredients in any of its pet food lines. The decision by the Paris-based firm comes after British pet food producer Pascoe's Group Plc launched the country's first wholly organic, non-modified dog food line last month.
    It also comes amid a looming trade war as European consumers, concerned about the safety of foods derived from genetically modified crops, reject genetically modified products many of which are imported from the United States.
    The company was quoted as saying in a statement, "While we await authoritative scientific clarification, and while faithful to our values of respect for dogs and cats, Royal Canin wishes to guarantee the highest level of quality and security for its product range."
    It was cited as saying that the policy, long implemented in its most nutritious pet food lines, would be applied to production at its three European plants. The company is also weighing extending it as soon as possible to its factories in Brazil, Argentina and the United States.
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ecoglobe [yinyang] news (17 September 1999)
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