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Dear Helmut,
I guess I'm more of a 'realist' than you are, or maybe just a cynical misanthrope?? I base my fatalism on inherited tendencies in our species. This is not an either/or nature/nurture theory. It is a probablistic approach to 'betting' on future outcomes. Voluntary simplicity simply is a tiny % of the rich. It will likely never be more than that. We are 'wired' from thousands of years to amass extra body fat, reserve firewood/fuel, reserve food stores, & mate selection (by females) is statistically based on finding males most likely to provide security (tall, smart, rich).
Your homepage is fun. I like your idealism, but have zero hope that anything other than INvoluntary simplicity, more suffering, diseases, famines, droughts, desertification, violence.. will be our future. If 500% overshoot, 80% reduction is required. If we grow to 8 billion, will be closer to 90%. The earth won't be very good habitat for those remaining.
Best regards, Steve 11 March 2006
So, what now? Am I going to prove that I am an optimist? Well, if I were a pessimist I would give it up and stop editing these pages. So let me try to show some scenarios that could eventuate if we don't make a swift U-turn in our societal aims and policies. First and foremost we must abolish this suicidal economic growth paradigm. - Helmut
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