The balances are maintained if a resource is not consumed at a higher rate than needed for regeneration.

Développement sur une planète ronde - Balances on a round planet eart - Gleichgewichte auf einem runden Planeten
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Limts to Growth, 1972, compare ecostory 17-2004
Note: "Resource footprint" is not the same as the widespread notion of "ecological footprint". The latter only considers the consumption of biological i.e. renewable resources. This is often forgotten and the ecological footprint model is therefore misleading.
The resource footprint comprises all resources that humanity consumes, water, topsoil, minerals, biodiversity, fish, a normal climate, and so on. I have no measure for the weight that we exert upon the planet but it is absolutely sure that we have overshot the earth's carrying capacity by far. Most of these non-renewable resources are being depleted at a very high rate. Once gone, they can never be replenished or recreated. They will be gone forever, leaving nothing for my grandson.

Therefore, instead of expanding our production and consumption, we will have to contract and reduce our weight upon the earth.

Helmut Lubbers ... 26.1.2007
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