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Development graph over 2 million years
The graph shows past development over a time of 2 million years. Humans with our potential, i.e. homo sapiens sapiens, have lived on our planet for 100000 to 200000 years, which is 4000 to 8000 generations of each 25 years.
The graph shows the development of human numbers, resources and especially fossil fuels. Our modern life is primarily based on resources that were accumulated in the past and that are non-renewable.
Under the present business as usual scenario it looks as if fossil resources will run out within a few generations. Then our "modernity" will belong to the past and we will be thrown back to living in line with what the sun and natural resourcres can provide on a day to day basis.
graph Population versus Fossil fuels and Agriculture; 23K
Population growth, fossil fuels use and agriculture.

The graph is based on the resource scenario calculations by Meadows, Meadows and Randers (1992) and World Oil resources by Duncan and Younquist (1998).
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