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The precautionary priciple

Some Articles:

  30 Nov 1999 Precautionary approach to risk assessment
  31 Jan 2000 The Struggle for a wider use of the Precautionary Principle in EU
  4 Jan 2000 European Chemical Producers Question Precautionary Rules

Some internet sites (links):

  1. Biointegrity AN OPEN CHALLENGE TO THE DIRECTORS OF THE OECD CONFERENCE ON GENETICALLY ENGINEERED FOODS, EDINBURGH, 2000: Demonstrate Your Commitment to a Science Based, Transparent and Truthful Process [on 'substantial equivalence' and the precautionary principle] [ mirrored at ecoNews ]

  2. AgBiotech Info website
  3. Summary of an article on the Precautionar Principle in GE-Biotech
  4. Precautionary Principle - Nicholas Treich, en langue française
  5. The Science and Environmental Health Network is working to implement the precautionary principle as a basis for environmental and public health policy. The principle and the main components of its implementation are stated this way in the 1998 Wingspread Statement on the Precautionary Principle...

  6. Sustainability
  7. Risk and Risk Governance

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