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Cattle Won't Eat GM Grain
"The humans will eat this stuff,
but the animals won't."

--U.S. farmer, ACRES, USA Special Report 19 September 1999.--
    Evolution seems to have come full circle. Unlike a film character played by Sean Connery a few years ago, who 'won’t eat anything that I can not identify…' modern developed-world consumers have no idea what they are eating because it is delivered on the run in processed form. Cooking is a lost art.
    Grazing, however, remains unchanged, and I have heard more than enough stories about how the animals wont go for the GMO.
    Why, you can put your cattle out into GMO corn stubble and they just won’t touch it. Oh, they’ll bite that new brome down to the ground, but they won’t eat the GMO corn stubble.
    After four months of retrieving anecdotes from Kansas to Wisconsin, I think its high time to sample the producer community more thoroughly to see how many stories there are out there.
    Tell us more about the hogs that wouldn't eat the ration when the GMO crops were included. About the farmer who said ' Well, if you want your cattle to go off their feed, just switch them out to a GMO silage.'
    About the farmer who said that his cattle broke through an old fence and ate down the non-GMO hybrids but wouldn't touch the Round-up ready corn, and as a matter of fact, "They had to walk through the GMOs to get to the Pioneer 3477 on the other side."
    About the cattleman who saw the weight-gain of his cattle fall off when he switched over to GMO sources. About the organic farmer with a terrible deer problem on his soybeans, and when he drives out at night there are forty of them mowing down his tofu beans while across the road there isnt one doe eating on the Round-up Readies.
    About the raccoons romping by the dozen in the organic corn, while down the road there isn't one ear that's been touched in the Bt fields. Even the mice will move on down the line if given an alternative to these 'crops'.
    What is it that they know instinctively that most of us ignore? I have been travelling around with a bag of contaminated cob corn on the floor of my vehicle, and I have begun to think of it as if it was a bag of plutonium. "

[Transcibed from Biotech_activists listserve]

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ecoglobe [yinyang] news (5 October 1999)

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