ecoglobe [yinyang] news (29 December 1999)

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Good News from Portugal! - WE WON!!!!
By Margarida Silva

On the 27 of December 1999 the Portuguese Agriculture Ministry signed into law a suspension that effectively stops all GE-corn from being commercially grown in Portugal next season. There had been two approvals (Novartis and Monsanto varieties) and 15 more were expected.

There was a single year of GE corn production in Portugal (1999), with a total area of about 1300 hectares (about 0.5% of all cultivated corn).

This U-turn follows strong NGO pressure and rising consumer awareness in the last few weeks. Reasons appointed for the decision include the precautionary principle and the present inability to accurately and independently monitor the impacts of the releases. Corn growers had previously voiced some concern about the decreased market value of GE or mixed corn production.

For further info use the contact below: Margarida Silva Quercus Portugal T +351 (22) 558 0048 F +351 (22) 509 0351

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ecoglobe [yinyang] news (29 December 1999)

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