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ecoglobe [yinyang] news (16 April 1999)
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Kiwis to stay GE-FREE

Few people know that a Kiwi is not just a nice tasting fruit. Kiwi is also the proud name for the people of New Zealand, as well as for "a flightless bird that forages in the dark" [see "Kiwis"].

We have just heard that at least some of the various kiwi species will be saved from being genetically engineered. The kiwi birds are an endangered species, but the Department of Conservation is not contemplating cloning them as a last resort, as it did with the Kakapo bird last year.

Kiwifruit are abundant and the original New Zealand variety is very popular overseas. Our counterfooters in Europe are very food conscious these days. Who can blame them after the Mad Cow Disease in the UK?
Therefore it appears a wise move by the New Zealand Kiwifruit Marketing Board to resist GE pressures and keep Zespri® GE-FREE. [Hort Research are not associated with Kiwifruit New Zealand.]

The Kiwifruit Marketing Board rejected genetic engineering two weeks ago by deciding not to market genetically engineered kiwifruit.
Green Co-Leader Jeanette Fitzsimons will meet with Kiwifruit NZ Chairman Doug Voss and visit a packhouse and orchard at Wimapu/NZ on Monday 19 April. "Kiwifruit New Zealand should be applauded for rejecting genetic engineering and for their positive moves to support organics and give the people what they want," she said. "The kiwifruit is a national icon and it is really important that it supports our 'clean green' reputation in real substance," Ms Fitzsimons said.

It is our understanding that the reservations with regard to genetic engineering are justified. Serious scientific assessment indicates that GE is potentially extremely dangerous and that "Risk management" of genetically engineered organisms is an unsolved problem.
Socio-economically the claimed benefits of GE are being contested and the counter-evidence seems to prevail.
For more information contact Doug Voss, Chairman of Kiwifruit New Zealand, POBox 4043, Mt Manganui, Tel. 07 - 5751659, Fax 5751647; or Jeanette Fitzsimons, MP, c/o Green Party, POBox 11652, Wellington, Tel. 04-4706661, 025-586068, 07-8686641(H),

See: ecoStory - Kiwis
People make the difference.

edf - ecoglobe provides this space free of charge to the New Zealanders who decided to keep Zespri® GE-FREE.

ecoglobe [yinyang] news (16 April 1999)
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