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Les gens

Nous cherchons des gens avec des potentiels différents, afin de :
  • développer des feuilles de données environnementales
  • rédiger et/ou traduire des articles
  • développer le site internet professionalement
  • organiser et coordiner les activités et mettre sur pied un sécretariat
    racontez-nous ce que vous aimeriez faire...
  • facilitate seminars
  • represent ecoglobe in the media
  • monitor and analyse developments
  • develop merchandising of ecoglobe articles in order to fund the activities


ecoglobe stands for realistic information, based upon hard facts and figures. ecoglobe believes that on a finite planet the policies of economic growth must be abolished. Growth is the underlying factor to all ressource depletion, environmental pollution and war. Therefore our core mission is spreading the message that we have to stop growing now.
ecoglobe must become a mass movement for a democratic conversion to steady state economics.

The "Stop growth" idea

The concept is not new but it's been virtually drowned in the flood of growth euphoria that really took off after the fall of the Berlin Wall. But the Earth is still finite and resources are dwindling.

Peak oil, climate change and other environmental developments will unavoidably bring the Limits to Growth model to the fore again. ecoglobe belongs to the first who recognise this AND who is outspoken about it.

We have done quite some preparatory work over the past years. This will facilitate ecoglobe's real take-off as a venture that will capture people's imagination and support.


ecoglobe members and supporters will voice our goals whereever possible, in discussions, meetings, in writing, articles, by organsing and attending seminars, and so on.
ecoglobe will convince opinion leaders and others to abolish their growth paradigm.

So far only a few people in conventional business and academia recognise the basic impossibility of continued growth. But the time is ripe. "Stop Growth" will get wings by its own necessity. ecoglobe is helping it to take off. Become part of this exciting venture and...
tell us what you'd like to do...
erzählen Sie uns, was Sie machen möchten...
racontez-nous ce que vous aimeriez faire...

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